Enhancing Employee Productivity – What Works and What Would not Work

One main concern for each organization no matter its size and specialty is the productivity of its employees. Organizations are constantly seeking new and more effective ways to extend the productivity of their employees.

While this looks like an never-ending journey, I’ve written on some very cost-effective ways that organizations can go about enhancing the productivity of their employees.

In this article you will be exposed to some practical ideas that are straightforward to implement and may have great effects in your organization.

First we would look at what works, what organizations should do to reinforce productivity. Secondly we would look at what does not work, what they need to stop doing. Enjoy your reading…

What works?

Some very relevant factors that can help your group build a productive workforce.

1) A culture that promotes productivity

Does the tradition of your organization encourage productivity or mediocrity? Organizations have to understand the effect their cultures have on the productivity of their employees. Organizations ought to determine the features of their culture that may have a negative impact on their staff’ performance and eliminate them.

2) High level of collaboration

Does your organization place a high worth on staff work and collaboration? Are staff inspired to work in groups to solve problems? When workforce work is encouraged, workers have the opportunity to share ideas and study from others and this fosters productivity. Encourage staff to work as a staff and reduce unhealthy competition.

3) Transparency and Trust

Integrity may be very vital in building a productive workforce. Organizations should not be concerned about showing integrity to their shoppers alone but also doing the identical to their employees. Do staff have trust in your group? Do they consider that it will deliver on its promises? Is administration open and clear in its transactions? In a work setting where there’s trust and transparency, employees are usually more productive.

four) Proper communication

Proper communication of the values and expectations of the group to its workers can significantly boost productivity. How usually does your organization talk its values to employees? How often are workers reminded of the goals of the group and the roles they play in helping the organization achieve these goals? Organizations must put in place proper and effective communication systems that work.

5) Honest concern for employees’ welfare and fairness

This would most frequently mirror in the policies of the organization. How ‘worker’ pleasant are the insurance policies of your organization? Are employees treated fairly? Are some workers more particular than some others in your group? Productivity is enormously enhanced when staff feel that they are being treated fairly and when they know that their organization cares about them.

What does not work?

Factors that could affect your workers’ productivity adversely might include.

1) An unfriendly work setting

Work ought to be like house for workers, a place the place they love to go to. How delighted are staff when they are at work? Organizations need to make the work setting friendlier and a spot where staff like to be. The happier employees feel at work, the more productive they are.

2) An inefficient reward system

What’s the goal of your group’s reward strategy? What does it encourage, productivity or mediocrity? Organizations must ensure that they are rewarding the best behaviors in workers, they have to reward behaviors they what to be repeated. Always bear in mind that staff are inspired to repeat behaviors that they’re being rewarded for.

3) Incompetent managers

Leaders and managers drive the remainder of the group in the group, they provide direction and create the trail which other workers follow. How competent are the managers in your group? How well are they able to speak the suitable tradition and values to their group? Organizations must invest in getting the suitable people as managers and train them continuously.

4) Misalignment

This is one big secret to maximizing worker productivity. The higher the degree of alignment workers have with the values, tradition and the goals of the group, the more motivated and productive they tend to be. Organizations therefore need to recruit individuals who share the identical values and who will blend into the culture of the organization.

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