Sony A6300 vs A6400 – A Review of Mirrorless Cameras

Two cameras two cameras, the Sony A6400 and the A6300 have numerous similarities. The a6400 is used as an APS-C camera and the a6300 uses the Exmor R sensor, it isn’t a digital camera. The a6300’s AF performance is the main differentiator, and it’s more effective than the Sony a6400. However, these two models are not identical in appearance. The a6400 features a new autofocus feature that can work in light conditions.


The latest a6400 camera comes with numerous great features. It comes with a faster frame rate, and also a long time battery. Also, it has a wider ISO range, as well as being a bit larger. It’s possible to get a higher quality picture from the a6400. While the style of both models is similar however, there are some key distinctions.

One of the main distinct differences between both models is their video recording capabilities. Both cameras offer identical video recording. They both support the same frame rateand resolution, frame, and bitrate. Both support the same amount of storage as well as output XAVC S. The A6300 is capable of recording 4K video at 100mbps while A6400 can record Full HD 1080p video at 50mbps.

The a6400 eliminates the 30 minutes per video, while the a6300’s image stabilization can only last 2 minutes. Fixed aperture of f/1.8 and shutter speed of 30 seconds are among the features in the A6300. Both cameras are equipped with an 2.7-inch OLED viewfinder and a magnification of 0.7x. The Sony A6500 has a lot in common with the a6300, with the one exception being its grip.

A6300 includes a camera, which is not present with the A6400. However, the A6400 does not have a viewfinder. While it’s an essential attribute of a mirrorless camera however, it’s not nearly as crucial as the viewfinder. An increased aperture and a wider the focal range are just two advantages the A6400 can offer. It has a slower camera, but it is more efficient when it comes to certain aspects.

The two cameras are very like each other in their size and appearance There are however some differentiators between the two. The A6300 features an LCD screen, while the A6400 has touchscreen. The A6400’s display is small amount smaller than the one in the a6300 However, both cameras feature many custom buttons. A dial is available to reveal exposur and also a hotshoe for microphones on the A6400.

Sony’s a6400 camera is higher-end and comes with more options. The features it offers are more in line with creators of content than traditional photographers. The size of the a6400 is similar as that of the A6300. They both share many similarities. It is more powerful than the A6300. It is equipped with a flip-up 180 degrees screen. The camera also works with 4K video.


Sony’s A6400 is smaller than its a6400 counterpart, and it weighs less. The A6300 is a little larger and heavier sensor as compared to the A6400. The A6400 is slightly less hefty and smaller than the A6300. The a6400 has the same size sensor. The battery life of A6400 is greater, but both cameras have the ability to perform several jobs simultaneously.

Both cameras have touchscreens and are very user-friendly. While the a6300 camera is smaller, it’s more costly than the a6400. The a6500 is slightly better to record video. Image stabilization is a major benefit of the a6500. It allows users to be focused on objects that are in the EVF. The A6400 is adjustable to concentrate on specific objects within the viewfinder.

sony a6300

A6400 has a bigger touch screen. While the A6300 has the capability of recording 44 JPEG and 107 raw photos however, the A6400 has the capacity to store up to 108 raw pictures. Both cameras have a good touchscreen. The A6400 comes with a better buffer. There is no drawback to both cameras. Its features are still superior However, the a6400 camera is more expensive than a6300.

While the Sony A6400’s autofocus is less than that of the a6300 but the continuous speed of the a6400 is more efficient. Both cameras have the ability to record fast-moving objects. Both cameras have fast lenseswhich are crucial to digital cameras. The OLED touchscreen on the A6400 has 2.7 inches. The touchscreen of the A6300 has 3.7 inches.

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